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Welcome to my website. At age 5 I first spoke of wanting to become an “plant and animal researcher”. Hence, I put a lot of effort in pursuing that interest, leading to my current career as an active researcher in the field of evolutionary ecology. My current research focuses on the reasons for variation in phenotypic plasticity, on the extent of transgenerational plasticity as well as on the role of plasticity in evolution. Antipredator plasticity, which has evolved in prey that experience varying levels of predation risk, and which is reliably induced by conspecific alarm cues, provides an excellent opportunity to tackle these topics experimentally. In my research, I aim to comprehensively study antipredator plasticity, ranging from the genotype and the epigenotype to the different aspects of the phenotype: behavior, morphology, physiology and life-history. For this purpose, I use the Western African river cichlid Pelvicachromis taeniatus, the fathead minnow Pimephales promelas and the aquatic snail Physella acuta as model systems. Other research interests of mine are alarm cue composition, visual sensitivities of fish beyond wavelength regions perceivable by humans as well as the impact of plastic pollution on fish endocrine systems and the resulting behavioral modifications.

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